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Clinic OPD Management Software

With the AYTIS Cloud technology, we build a robust working software to manage the process involved in Clinics Management Process.

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AYTIS Clinic Operations & Patient Management Software provides an interactive CMS control the over the running clinic's website information to manage the patients online appointment, scheduling,  test results, and payments.

Clinic Software is easy to use, affordable and powerful Software for Doctors to manage clinic at their fingertips. A useful clinic-software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management with cloud backup to save your important data. A Practice management software to manage your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at ease. A complete software solution for your Clinical Operations Management with a top-notch support team to keep you working without any hiccups.

Through our inbuilt cloud application, an ADMIN can manage all the process involved in clinics management.

The process involved are:

  • Online Patient Enrolment.
  • Scheduling the time event.
  • Patient detail management.
  • Invoice & Billing management.
  • Stock & Inventory Management.
  • Sales report/total invoice report/ Total customer report/stock reports/ expiry reports and more.
  • Download Database offline system.
  • Accessible with any internet connected device.
  • Product Edit/modify/stock maintaining
  • Patient Fee management.
  • Payment Gateway integration for the Online transaction.
  • Online Database security encryption SSL certificate.
  • Comodo Internet security trust seal.

Highlights of using Clinical Operation Management Software :

  • Balance your cash, credit card and debit transactions in no time.
  • No need to print and hand out next-day schedules anymore.
  • Pull client charts electronically and be ready for the next day in a snap.
  • Put an end to pricing errors. Print labels that you can stick to your products and read.
  • Receive software alerts when it is time to reorder stock.
  • Build purchase orders and send them to your suppliers through software.
  • Review the specifics of every transaction, with recorded date, user ID, totals, etc.
  • Create electronic memos and messages to send to your staff.
  • Always know how many visits and how much funding have left.
  • Get automatic warnings about missed billings.
  • Increase revenues by reactivating dropped clients.
  • Set individual payment parameters for each practitioner and/or treatment category.
  • Generate quick, automatic tabulations for each practitioner.
  • Reduce your paperwork and potential miscalculations when paying out compensation.